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In addition to our hotel rooms, we also offer other lodging options such as equipped efficiency suites, waterfront suites, Jacuzzi suites, cottages and rental homes on Lake Michigan.Viral Containment – CDC Laboratories: An Accident at the CDC Laboratories has released a contagion capable of wiping out the entire population of earth.Your team must find the only vial of anti-virus located somewhere in the labs but, you have to hurry, the scientists only have 60 minutes before it will be too late.

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While not meant to be scary, due to the nature of this escape scenario, this room is not intended for anyone under 16 and parents should use caution when booking this experience.

Mission Impossibly: Your team of Secret Agents must infiltrate the secret lair of international terrorists bent on exploding a device somewhere in Washington D. This is a premium escape room for smaller groups of 2-5 operatives, who will solve numerous physical and mental challenges to defuse a Time Bomb and escape CSI Homicide Detectives: As Rookie Detectives in a murder Investigation, your task is to examine the crime scene, search for evidence, determine who is suspect and explore motives and methods on how the crime was committed.

Can you escape with an arrest warrant Check Mate: Lured by promises from the “Toy Maker” you find yourselves locked in a room full of nostalgic games, toys and sports.

Choose from a variety of hotel rooms or efficiency suites, or select one of our many romantic adult-only waterfront suites overlooking the Saugatuck Harbor.

Or perhaps you prefer one of our family friendly cottages, lakefront homes or small economical bed & breakfast style rooms - whatever your need we have something for you!

Please be aware that our larger suites and apartments book well in advance for the summer season, so plan to book early!Beach Way Resort & Hotel is a child-friendly environment, with free wireless available throughout the hotel, and smoke free rooms.You have only 60 minutes to find the secret stash and escape before the Mobster returns and you’re caught in the act!Steam Punk Time Machine: Through some strange phenomenon, you’ve been transported to a mysterious room at a London railway station in 1898.Are you industrious enough to use the strange objects and contraptions around you to rebuild the Clockworks for the Time Machine and return to the present, or will you be forever trapped in this room of steam-powered techno-wizardry?the Abduction: Locked up in a darkened cellar you must rely on yourself and the other victims as you attempt to escape your captor before he returns to wreak havoc!


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