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Yes, I’m a bi woman, this is someting about bi women. If you are a bisexual people, don’t be afraid, brave to date, brave to love, if you want to, can also choose to come out. Ethics is needed to maintain life, but this specification should not sacrifice our self will.

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Allbisexualdating com

Bisexual, meanwhile, also should be more efforts, let the others in the society to be able to understand the bisexual, for bisexual people for more rights.

Buttons designed by snapesgirl34, krazikupo, and jesidres.

Check out our store at If you would like to order any of the buttons you see here can place a custom order on our etsy. Part of my series of pride buttons, here are the bisexual buttons I made.

The buttons featured here are bisexual woman, man, bi triangles, and bi flag.

Will told the host, “it’s a short spined Peruvian mongoose.” Stephen definitely wasn’t buying it, saying the vicious, wild beast looked a lot “like a kitty cat wearing a vest.” He then proceeded to bring on Kayak, a creature he claimed was a Mongolian bush tiger.

Appearing right after the Super Bowl, the comedian came dressed as a wildlife expert after picking on the host saying he’d hardly seen any of his show and understood there was a vacancy! Dressed in incredibly tight shorts, with knee high socks, a gun and a vest, be brought on a cute kitty called Mulan first.

He told the Stephen, “you can tell it’s a boy because it’s got a huge striped sack,” to which Colbert choked and said he couldn’t just get away with that kind of language on the show!

After LGBTers stood up to arrests and violence at the Stonewall Inn in 1969, a national equality movement was born and an annual celebration of our lives began.

The Center, New York's LGBT center, gathered powerful images of some of the city's earliest Pride events for a powerful new onliine exhibit entitled "Pride March—The Early Years." Take a look at the trailblazers below and see more at

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