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And we all know to which gender such a site would most appeal.

Therefore, it’s a target-rich environment for serious, commitment-minded men.2.

At e Harmony, not only are the odds good—the Goods are usually good, too.

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And few acts communicate the sincere if unusual readiness to wed quite like a guy who is having his sister conduct a full-on Search for Mrs. That said, Dave Weinlick had something you don’t: Publicity.

When Erich Goode placed fake singles ads representing attractive men and women, 11x more men than women initiated responses.

So—don’t post a profile on your brother’s behalf and then wait for the women to waltz up.

Whereas sites that allow men to prowl amongst endless photos have a tough time getting equivalent numbers of women to join—to wit,’s formerly published 55% male to 45% female ratio—e Harmony activates women’s sense of safety and thwarts hunters by doling out the pix-n-profiles a few at a time.

So although the e Harmony website used to claim “roughly equal” numbers of men and women members, and a company spokesperson admitted, under regrettable pressure from one Love Scientist, to a “slight female skew” in the membership (while refusing to divulge specifics)—I don’t believe it for one hot minute.

Not only has every e Harmony member I’ve known (or been) concluded that there are many more women than men available at the site—but evolutionary psychology would predict that very thing.

It’s a marriage-oriented site whose model actively attempts the elimination of players, right?

Dear Duana, My brother Fred’s alcoholic ex-wife abandoned him and his sons three years ago.

Now, he’d like to find The One, but obviously he won’t look in bars, and he lacks time to sort through endless profiles. Betsy Dear Betsy, When Minnesotans Dave and Elizabeth Weinlick wed, their marriage was normal, except for one teeny thing: Dave had his *friends* choose the bride —reasoning that they would be better judges of his wants and needs than he himself—and he and Elizabeth spoke for all of five minutes pre-Vows.


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  2. How many times I laid awake uneasy, battling God over my love life, wondering when God would make it happen and fighting the desire to make it happen myself.

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