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She usually hears responses like “that’s right girl!!! A group of black women are sitting at a table in a restaurant, a mall or a hotel.

Time to take things up a notch with the following feature by writer Terry Shropshire(@royaletee).

Apparently, Terry got tired of the double standard that he witnesses on a daily basis as it pertains to interracial dating among black people.

I mean let’s be honest; if I posted pictures of me with a new white girlfriend, I’m sure that I’d probably lose some of my black female readers.

(not that I would base my dating life on someone else’s feelings, but the fact still remains.) By contrast, the same response isn’t felt when a black woman dates a white man. ” But before I delve into this topic anymore, and end up writing the piece myself, let me turn things over to Terry. ________________________ Written By: Terry Shropshire It’s a sight I’ve seen time and time again.

The black man, acutely aware that the women are cursing the very air that he breathes, steals sidelong glances at the women but doesn’t dare make direct eye contact.

Black men who date white women are accused of everything short of violating the Patriot Act.

They are denounced as Uncle Toms and race-traitors and have to endure social crucifixions.

Case in point: when a tabloid recklessly purported that the pro-black actor/author Hill Harper was dating a white woman recently, sisters nationwide were ready to storm Hollywood with pitchforks and torches and hunt Harper like an animal.

So startled was Harper that he hastily fumbled out this tweet to his fans: Yet, there seems to be much less of an uproar when prominent black women date and marry white men.

In fact, in many cases, barely a syllable is uttered.

Check out the list and see if you are surprised at the number and the quality of sistahs who’ve crossed the racial isle. ________________________ Actress Kerry Washington and her husband David Moscow ________________________ Halle Berry and her baby’s daddy Gabriel Aubry ________________________ Former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland and boyfriend ________________________ Actress Paula Patton and husband, singer Robin Thicke ________________________ Susan Rice, President Barack Obama’s Ambassador to the United Nations, and husband.

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