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We’ll cut Kate some slack since she did at least wait until after she had kids to have plastic surgery, she chose the right size implant to fit her petite frame and they look completely natural (thankfully Kate didn’t suffer from any visible complications, like poor Cameron Diaz did!

), but looking back, we secretly wish that Kate was still that flat-chested confident boho chick that would have never even entertained the idea of getting plastic surgery. Does Kate look better with, or without, breast implants?

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Kate Hudson surprised us all when she decided to have plastic surgery to increase the size of her famously flat chest.

Kate quietly had the breast augmentation in 2010, and even though she chose a conservatively sized breast implant, her new curves hardly went unnoticed.

Initially, I thought that the new and “improved” Kate looked great with her small, natural-looking breast implants, but now that time has passed…I miss the old Kate Hudson!

You know, the Kate that seemed so down-to-earth and real, in a sea full of Hollywood brats and plastic princesses?

Yeah, all this happened in front of the singer’s fans.

“During her memorable Hollywood ‘Hills’ stint, Stacie the Bartender was the target of some pretty heavy flirting — courtesy of a very taken Spencer Pratt.

While Kristin Cavallari’s partner in crime is now happily married, it appears that she hasn’t lost her ability to attract the gents.

Stacie, whom we last saw saying goodbye to K-Cav and their sweet Malibu pad back in 2010, made a brief return to the television airwaves during this week’s episode of the juicy Bravo series ‘Vanderpump Rules.'”, Hall caused quite the stir after reportedly striking up a friendship with Pratt, who was dating Heidi Montag, his now-wife.

After Montag discovered the relationship, she confronted Hall at The Dime, where she was working as a bartender.

During the scene, Montag slammed Hall for allegedly coming between her and Pratt, but Hall noted that it was Pratt who was the problem, and told Montag she felt bad for her.

As the reported on Monday night, Taylor, of course, was attempting to get close to Stacie Hall, but unfortunately for Taylor, she wasn’t down for a weekend hookup.

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