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Sometimes, a guy just needs a little motivation to get off his butt and make it down to the gym.

We figure, what better way to inspire, motivate (and delight) you than sharing 5 Instagram accounts filled with male fitsperation? and then get down on the ground and give us twenty!

😉 Call it “cleansing reduction” or simply call it “showering less.” Whatever you choose to name it, a new beauty trend that really isn’t all that new is becoming mainstream. Take fewer showers and wash your hair and body less.

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Here are four compelling reasons on why you should shower less in the winter.

A new year is here, and so are some hot hair styles that will have you craving a new ‘do.

From retro side parts to messy, tousled waves – there’s a little something for everyone in this post.

Give it a read and let us know in the comments if you’ll be trying out a new hairstyle in 2015. A new year brings new opportunity, new potential love interests (if you’re single, of course) and a lot of fun on Hardline Chat’s phone line and gay mobile app.

Whether you’re gay, trans or bi, this baggy, unappealing undergarment should never meet your precious derrière.

The number one thing you bring up during a game of Never Have I Ever when you’re trying to figure out which men are straight and which ones are gay, bi or trans is “never have I ever worn boxers.” Trust us when we say that boxers are the straight man’s underwear.

Boxers are the “crazy” of the group because you’ve got to be either crazy or straight to wear them and think it’s okay.

In this post, we’re breaking down the five reasons why 2015 is the best time to be on Hardline Chat – whether you’re a first time customer or a long-time fan! You can search and advertise in the ways that work best for you.

Listen up boys, because I have an interesting little fact for you: the Hardline Chat app has six different features to help you meet local gay, bi, trans or curious dudes. Hardline gives you the option to individualize your hunt to maximize your satisfaction, regardless of what it is you’re looking for. We can win the age old debate of boxers, briefs or boxer briefs in three words: crazy, sexy and cool.


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