Cyber dating ukraine

First of all 80% of good looking girls and woman are does not exist, as person, who looking for man! Asked customer support "How much $$ to spend before you can get direct contact" answer about 12 email exchange,after that some of "girls'' disappeared, Or spend 50$ for 1 time request for email or ph #,mostly not granted!

Even though you have invitation from person, to visit her ! It starts that if as soon you are registered you will get tons of letters from beautifull ladies.

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This is to make you curious and force you to open the message. Most profiles of the girls say they can "read and write in english with a dictionary, but cant speak".

But it turns out if you like to write them on Whats App, Viber or Skype they say they prefer to write via the dating site.

This is because most of the profiles got run by professional translator who earns their living with this money they get from translations.

One of them got ripped of from one of the agencys and wrote to me because she was sick of lie and upset she didn't receive her money.

These are very often (99%) taken out of VK or FB profiles.

The girls have no idea their pictures got used for fake profiles at this dating site.As soon you answer to one of them they start a conversation about some intimacy topic.This can be read in the first few words of the headline you see when you get the new message.She wrote to me: +++++++++++++ It's time to tell you the truth.I am not Sveta, my name is Irina A., though it's not important, I am a professional translator who just work and write to such men as you in fake profiles at Natasha club site.Today I just leave such a "good" job so you must know truth about all this business.


  1. A related sense of the term refers to a couple who have already decided that they like each other, and are seeing each other on a regular basis, and who may or may not be having sexual relations.

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  4. This kind of payment model can be very cost effective and cheaper than regular pay per minute sites, especially if you are a regular visitor and user of live cam sex services.

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