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Up to seven grades of oil can be specified by the manufacturer for a movement like this.

“Dunking” simply drops the movement into a cleaning jar, a rinse jar and, worst of all, a “rinse ‘n’ lube” jar where one liquid is supposed to simultaneously rinse out cleaning fluid and lubricate the watch. We have three excellent watchmakers, each is fully trained.

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We have two traditional watchmakers working here “at the bench”.

Between them they have fifty years’ experience of working on watches with almost every kind of fault and with every kind of complication.

We do not undertake any warranty work or repair modern Swiss watches.

Our speciality is vintage (usually pre 1980) repair and restoration work Simple watch repairs can sometimes be done the same day.

A full watch service however, takes considerably longer.

We are always busy and, whilst we try to manage our workload, seem to always have a slight backlog.

A simple enquiry should let you know how long repairs are due to take at any time.

01780 481319 or 020 7477 2224 High quality watch repair and servicing done, here on the premises, by properly trained watch repairers with decades of experience.

Personal, qualified, experienced and secure, award-winning service.


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