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Neither of us has ever been to Europe, so I don't know if our ideas are practical or if our imaginations have romantisized this a bit too much We have this idea of renting a car (and buying a state of the art GPS) and driving the coast of Spain, France and Italy.

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My boyfriend Dave, and I have done little traveling in our lives so we need a helpful hand or two for some direction.

A peace-loving man with a decidedly global perspective, Albert Kahn spent most of his life and wealth trying to expand Western understanding of other cultures -- largely through film and photography. "Cinema's 'Sanctuary': From Pre-Documentary to Documentary Film in Albert Kahn's "Archives de la Planète" (1908-1931)." Film History Vol. Topics include Kahn's Jewish ancestry and Alsacian upbringing; his early success in finance; his admiration of Japanese art and customs; the development of autochrome photography by the Lumire brothers; Marguerite Mespoulet's colorful documentation of Ireland's vanishing Celtic traditions; and Kahn's expedition to Cornwall and London with August Leon. DVD X5707 In 1908, Albert Kahn and his chauffeur embarked on a global trek to observe and absorb other cultures -- an early "prototype' of the many photographic missions Kahn would fund over the years.

Originally released in 2007 as a series for BBC television. this program illustrates that formative round-the-world trip as well as the 1913 journey undertaken by photographer Stphane Passet to China, Mongolia and India. 138-159 UC users only This program delves into Kahn's origins and formative years and the launch of his Archive of the Planet project.We have 2 months, possibly more, for the whole trip.The only place that we know that we'd like to visit specifically is Pompei. Which places inspire you along that route the most?We'll be flying from Vancouver, Canada, Any ideas on the best place to fly into price wise?Any help is much appreciated, we're so excited to begin panning Darian and Dave!


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