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Many people think they can just copy the same idea and have success.

But they don’t look at the “why” behind the business’ success.

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In this post, I’ll teach you how to create a cash cow business. ” It’s a successful business venture that prints off cash for you. They want to make X amount of money per month, and have it operate relatively passively. Or, just as bad—they incorrectly assume they know what they’re doing and spend all their time working on the wrong things. You are wasting your time if you don’t have these two things— you don’t have a business worth launching. They make a plan based on “what” they want to do, and not “why” they’re doing it.

This is something every entrepreneur wants to attain, but very few know how. They assume there is some insanely difficult formula needed to to create a cash cow business. You need to understand the “why” behind the “what”.

“Ya, but doesn’t that take years of working on a business? So, they run around working on anything and everything related to their idea, falsely believing they are making great progress just because they’re busy all the time. There are only two things you need to create a cash cow. A lot of people see someone doing something successfully and they attempt to do the same thing because they want to be successful too.

When you do that, how can you reach your potential audience? They don’t even understand why it was successful, they focus on “what” the person is doing that’s successful.

They hear of a successful entrepreneur who sold shoelaces and made millions.

They think, “ohhh, great idea I will sell shoelaces!” Selling shoelaces has nothing to do with why the person who made millions at it was successful.The aspiring entrepreneur needs to understand why they got the results they did.” “Why did that business get all that traffic, but not their competitor?” “What did they do differently to get their shoelaces in front of so many people?” “They’re both offering a similar product, why is this one making 10 times as much” These are questions copycat entrepreneurs forget to ask.


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