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Ideas that Made Millionaires: In India, a commercial for a certain product carries the tagline, “An Idea can change your life.” Though quite insignificant in terms of advertising slogans, it stands true for numerous self-made entrepreneurs who began their journey into the business world with a creative idea and then turned it into a successful empire.

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Ashley Madison is widely renowned as a company that was formed on a unique idea that made millions.

This unique service carries the company slogan, “’Life is short.

Have an affair.” Speaking of unique ideas that made millionaires, in the year 1998 Dallas, Texas based Matt “Red” Boswell acquired Pet Butler from its original founder Matthew Osborn and has now turned it into an extremely successful venture with a list of more than 12,000 clients.

Pet Butler provides its customers with dog-poop scooping services and is known to be the largest pet waste removal service in the U. The company itself experienced excruciatingly slow start, however, with intense marketing, Mr.

What began as a hobby turned into a highly lucrative jam empire, which made Frazer Doherty one of Scotland’s most successful businessmen. Doherty started his business by selling jars of jam to his neighbors and after receiving positive responses, he expanded his efforts to the local church fete.

By the year 2008, Super Jam had established a name for itself as one of the leading jam manufacturers in Britain and Frazer then turned his sights to the U. Super Jam is widely renowned for its use of natural ingredients and has so far sold millions or jars of jam.As of 2012, Super Jam has established in the majority of continents and has also been the recipient of several awards.Boswell managed to create into a highly successful and lurrative venture and refers to himself as Pet Butler’s ‘Chief Excrement Officer’ or CEO.Pet Butler began its journey with only seven employees and as of current date, the company employs some 200 employees and along with various franchises, has managed to expand to up to 1,600 towns across the country.In the year 2003, Scotland based Fraser Doherty aged 14 at the time started off a small endeavor of selling jams that he made himself using his grandmother’s recipe.Five years down the lines, this teenage entrepreneur turned his homemade jam business into a million dollar venture called, ‘Super Jam’.

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