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The couple has been dating for several years, and last year the 24-year-old Davis was spotted with what appeared to be an engagement ring (a representative later said it was just a ring that she liked to wear, though Davis was not seen with it again).

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“I think it is an end of an era,” said Yankees manager Joe Girardi.

“I think it is the end of the era of those four guys.

I don’t know if you’ll see that in sports again, in all of sports.

I don’t know if you will see four guys come along and have so much success. So, yeah, I think it is the end of an era.” But many believe that Hannah Davis and Derek Jeter could be planning a wedding.

He probably loves to sleep more than anything, which is ironic because I’m getting less sleep than I ever did before." For Christmas last year, Derek Jeter received an Italian Mastiff from his fiancée.

Hit our bio link to read his essay on being a new dog owner.A photo posted by The Players' Tribune (@playerstribune) on The Instagram account of the Players' Tribune, for which Jeter is a founding publisher, also included the fiancée reference in the context of her adorable holiday gift.Derek Jeter just ended his 22-year MLB career, and now the New York Yankees legend may have another milestone to celebrate — a wedding with girlfriend Hannah Davis.The longtime Yankees captain has booked the historic Oheka Castle in Long Island for an event this weekend, leading to speculation that he and Davis are planning a secret wedding.The venue was seen in the 1941 movie has reported that a number of high-end vendors are booked for a “Derek Jeter event,” but some believe that it is instead just a retirement party. Jeter has a lot to celebrate after bringing his long and storied MLB career to a close, and he certainly provided plenty of dramatics in his final week.Jeter hit a walkoff single in his final game in the Bronx, and then closed out his career with a hit and a standing ovation at the home of the Yankees’ top rival, the Boston Red Sox.

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