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Natalie, completely broken after the death of her husband, blames John for knowingly putting her in the dangerous position where her husband was 'killed'.John and Natalie's interactions continue, and through John's gently offering Natalie support, John and Natalie grow closer despite Natalie remaining conflicted about the role he played in Cristian's apparent death.

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The Music Box Killer is revealed to be Stephen Haver (Matthew Ashford) who is also responsible for Caitlyn's death.

After discovering John's attachment to Natalie, Haver kidnaps Natalie and straps her to a bomb in John's bed, intending for her to die the way Caitlyn had died. Woods) and Rae Cummings, captures Haver and John dismantles the bomb, saving Natalie.

After Haver's arrest, Asa Buchanan sneaks a gun into the Llanview Police Department "LPD", and tries to convince John to kill Haver, John refuses.

In 2006, there were reports that contract negotiations were not going well, and Easton would be leaving the show.

Fans speculated he might join GH, where his former co-star, Kelly Monaco (Livvie Locke), had gone after the Port Charles cancellation.

Other rumors included him returning to Days of Our Lives where he played Tanner.

When the cancellation of OLTL was first announced, Easton initially signed with Prospect Park to have his character move to the online version of OLTL.

But when Prospect Park's plans fell through, Easton signed a contract with GH, making his debut on March 13, 2012.

When several former Port Charles characters & actors were brought to GH, writers revisited the vampire storyline, and Easton started to play a dual role of John and an adaptation of his PC character Caleb Morley on GH in February 2013.

Easton returned to GH in May 2013 as a new character, Dr. Agent Mc Bain arrives in fictional Llanview, Pennsylvania on October 1, 2003, looking to recruit Natalie Buchanan (Melissa Archer) for a pool tournament in Las Vegas, as part of an undercover operation.

Natalie Buchanan accepts John Mc Bain's offer to train her in the amateur circuit, unaware of the FBI plan to use her to take down Walker Laurence (Trevor St. After Natalie marries Cristian Vega (David Fumero), the couple head to Las Vegas, where Cristian is apparently killed by Walker Laurence.

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