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Scott Mc Cartney on The News Hub takes us inside the hidden world of sports team travel, where players and coaches board flights in the middle of the night to sleep off wins and losses and get to the next game.

Louis to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., served grilled halibut with smashed potatoes and Dove ice cream bars.

Response rates are 36% higher on Sunday evenings compared to any other day of the week.

(Perhaps because the Tinder dates over the weekend didn’t quite work out as planned?

he internet abounds with charlatans, frauds, hucksters, and scam artists.

Now, Hinge has published a new relationship study, with data from 1,000 couples who met through Hinge within two months of joining the service.

The company found several insights about what seemed to work for these couples and the experiences they shared.

One interesting revelation from the study is that men who are successful with dating apps (or at least with Hinge) were actually pickier than your average guy.Instead of endlessly swiping right in the hopes that a few women will respond in kind, these guys on Hinge decided to be a little more selective in choosing their matches.On the other hand, women from the study who managed to find love on Hinge turned out to be less picky than your average female dater.The successfully coupled females on Hinge were 20% less picky on average.(Yes, they were swiping right more, not less – keeping more of an open mind.) This change of approach seemed to make a winning combo for both genders.Also, in case you were wondering, Sunday turns out to be the best day of the week for online dating, so be sure to log in to your app.


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