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Light stopped infusing ghostly shaky hope that nothing further would be: She sat on the couch, nestling and felt a twinge of curiosity.

- Leksanya – almost silently whispered the girl already subconsciously trusting companion – it can not be a man with the soft voice wish her evil. - Do not give me “vykat.” – Almost noticeably winced interlocutor.

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Sergeant shined his flashlight on the sides of the side, and made sure that everything in the collection. The sergeant did not manage to really notice, but it seems something suspicious or could suspect.

Without opening her eyes, she felt something soft and fluffy touch her legs and began to rise above the body, enveloping and warming.

She was pleasant and did not want to fight, only she could not determine who is next to her and turned on such a strange way.

“In the end it does not make me bad” – flashed through her mind before she felt a burning skin breath and rough wet tongue, which was expertly handle all the hidden corners of the body, not missing a single millimeter.

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