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Below, I’ve presented a series of graphics using the data from Table 17a, page 58, to illustrate the patterns of HIV infection.

This chart illustrates who makes up those infected with HIV – for instance, a quarter of those who are infected with HIV are white men who contracted it from having sex with men.

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Even for someone who contracts HIV through heterosexual contact, there’s a good chance she got it from a bisexual man or a needle drug addict.

As you may have noticed, a very large proportion of the populace is lumped into that ‘Other’ category.

Below is a pie chart of the same groups, except the size of their respective slices indicates their share of the US population as a whole.

In America, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates there are just over one million people with HIV.

According to the CDC, HIV is at a higher prevalence among homosexual men and intravenous drug users, as compared to heterosexuals.

Men who have had sex with men (MSM) within the last five years account for 78% of new male infections, 63% of all new infections, yet MSM are only about 2.0% of the entire population.Once you partition out the HIV rates of the various groups, using data buried in CDC tables, the differences are stark. But the biggest, baddest venereal disease has long been HIV, and the debilitating disease it causes, AIDS. they’re all real, and usually quite treatable if caught early.Since the 1980s, we’ve been inundated with talk of AIDS and the great threat it poses.But the truth has never been told in mainstream channels, in clear and simple terms: HIV and AIDS are overwhelmingly the province of homosexual men, injectable drug users, and the people who sleep with them.


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