Gnome clock weather not updating

How could I go about getting something like the first picture on KDE?

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KDE is the community developing all the libraries and software, KDE Frameworks are libraries used by KDE Applications and KDE Plasma, KDE Plasma is the desktop shell, KDE Applications are applications completing the desktop [email protected] Probst I'm running Plasma 5.4 now (in Arch Linux), but mine looks slightly different.

Some are probably just differences in locale, but mine is full of acronyms that I don't understand.

GNOME (pronounced gah-nohm or nohm) is a desktop environment that aims to be simple and easy to use.

It is designed by The GNOME Project and is composed entirely of free and open-source software. Note: mutter acts as a composite manager for the desktop, employing hardware graphics acceleration to provide effects aimed at reducing screen clutter.

The GNOME session manager automatically detects if your video driver is capable of running GNOME Shell and if not, falls back to software rendering using llvmpipe.

GNOME can be started either graphically, using a display manager, or manually from the console.

For optimal desktop integration, using GDM (the GNOME Display manager) is recommended.

I work with people from multiple timezones and I loved how I could have several displayed under my main time in gnome2 (I was using scientific linux).

I happen to have a screenshot of it as you can see below.

However on Fedora 22 (KDE 5.12) the timezone panel sucks.

It doesn't even show when one time is for a different date.


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