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Today’s teens, having never known a word without the Internet, are especially adept at picking up new technology and use electronic communication to create vital social networks.

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It is relentless and aggressive, reaching kids at the dinner table while sitting with their parents, or in the privacy of their bedroom. Kids who bully others through electronic means are able to hide behind the technology, remaining anonymous if they choose.

Kids who cyberbully don’t immediately see the reaction of their words or taunts, which might otherwise spark some empathy for the pain they have caused.

Not witnessing the reaction of others makes it easier to become more aggressive and viscous.

Kids who witness cyberbullying by receiving messages or forwarding them to others don’t consider themselves as being part of the problem.

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Forwarding hurtful messages or content can increase the number of people who witness the bullying of another by thousands, “Liking” a message or passing it on tells the person who is cyberbullying that his or her behaviour is okay, and makes it easier for that person to become more aggressive and viscous.

Kids who are cyberbullied feel an intense sense of isolation, fear, loneliness and despair.

Their desperation can sometimes lead to acts of self-harm or tragically, even suicide.

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