self liquidating premium - Intmidating

Many a daftie wee trackie wearing junkie 'hard' man might get excited here.

What the hell is that language you people are writing?

You would rather sponge all your lives, screw the system for more or even better, rob for more money.

I heard a guy say once to his partner, 'don't buy it, I'll nick it for your valentines.

What a fkn complete loser, what the hell is wrong with society these days.

Be fkn proud and want a job, want some self worth, want to pay society back, want to be happy to earn your way instead of everything boing given to you.

I've never been so ashamed of my heritage as I am today.

I'm living in among complete ignorant, selfish hard men wannabes.

Idiots who wouldn't know how to do anything right, lawful, polite, courteous.

Wouldn't know how to look, want or even desire a job.

Your idea of an early day of work is to get up and jump on a bus to sign on or rather get up to collect your ill gotten benefit and pretend to limp all the way to the bank because of your debilitating 'condition'. You don't deserve to breathe the same air as the hard working people around you that you persist in hassling, assaulting, and steal from every day of your sad lives. ) and dont forget if anyone tries to chib you tell them you love the bow!!!

Poor you, your parents were alcoholics or worse, they never gave a shit about you, never there for you. in madmankerry's hoose er.....away from they grievy (gravy!!! well not if ur from anywhere else( you like e bow, well we fae e strone!!! remeber, bunch o freaky scary ppl...a bit like not a ned!!!

Boo hoo, so what, then make something of your own life, show them up. branny clunge magnets #1 Everywan on iss is talkin utter shite man apart fae everycunt bein tooled up at parts true cause naecunt ul go a straight forward run of ae mill square jig eez days... being born and bred and totally proud to be from Greenock I am totally ashamed of the silly gang realted comments on here........... it doesnt actually taste nice dont let them false advertise u into trying it!!!! *bang*) rember you love the bow..u wont get 2 black eyes, or try speaking ego language though i think they will still chib u for that especially if you say geget tego feguck....... club mavy its locatid at i grieve road shops weel hit uz n flaire yeez n uz will be sparkeld on the floor aw at wee port mob came up n wit happind???? gough kev cummings bazza spiersy simon jb scott t scott g snowy rab d maglinshy n fuck i odonnells er mavy wanna bees y mavy t if ye stay in greenock yoo will aw know e best place tae go is up e bow every cunt is snd as fuck unless ye fight wae em well en yer fucked casue everycunt knows e bow is e no1 team in greenock n nae cunt will cum up e bow cause they wont leave.


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