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Since her split from Eddie Cibrian, Brandi Glanville has never been shy to share — in great detail — the ups and downs she's had in her relationship with her ex-husband and his current wife, Le Ann Rimes.

And now, her relationship with the pair has gotten a lot better than it was in years past, she told ."I think we're realizing that it's all about the kids.It's not about us," she said, referring to her two sons with Eddie, Jake and Mason."And there's no point at this point to bicker about silly things because they're together, happily married.I'm happy and single, but with the kids, so we don't have to have a rift between the three of us. We have to come together for the kids and we're really working on that.And I'm happy about it." Part of the reason she wants to make sure there aren't issues between them is because she remains close to Eddie's parents. My parents were just here and wanted to see them and it was kind of awkward because I'm like, 'I don't know how I want to approach that because they used to be best friends.' But the kids are really happy because they realize that my parents are good friends with [Eddie's parents].


  1. The second season of Wizards of Waverly Place aired on Disney Channel from September 12, 2008 to August 21, 2009.

  2. If yes - Add 15 points Scoring: Once you add up all of your points, if you have any points whatsoever, you should definitely go on a second date with this guy.

  3. Let me assure you – I’ve read and heard enough horror stories to know that while the profile provides you with some information, you won’t know what someone wants and who they are until you’ve experienced them over time. It’s like when you have a person’s resume / CV – you’ve got to do the due diligence. The key is not to read any great meaning into a click or a wink or a message.

  4. Check out your friends blogs and if any of them are running 2.1.1 drop them a note and, if you can, pitch in and help them with the upgrade.

  5. Ashley eventually broke up with her boyfriend and returned to LA, determined to focus on her clothing lines, The Row and Elizabeth and James.

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  7. The couple have known each other for years but only started dating last year after the 'Pushing Daisies' actress split from her partner of 10 years David Thewlis - who is the father of…

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