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Black Americans, a group that used to marry out less, followed at 17 percent.

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Furthermore, there's a gender/earnings gap when it comes to whites who marry out.

White male newlyweds who marry Asian, Latina or black spouses tend to earn more than white male newlyweds who marry a white spouse.

But white female newlyweds who marry a Latino or black spouse (unlike those who marry an Asian spouse) tend to earn less.

A popular Q&A on this site last year explored who is more or less likely to marry outside their own racial or ethnic group, why, and where in the U. The new Pew report charts the rise of interracial marriage, with the share of new marriages between spouses of different races or ethnicities having gone up to 15.1 % in 2010.

Now, the Pew Research Center has further distilled the data on multicultural love.

The overall share of existing interracial or inter-ethnic marriages stands at 8.4 percent, an all-time high.

It's a far cry from 1980, when only 3 percent of all marriages and less than 7 percent of new ones involved partners of different racial or ethnic groups. Changing demographics play a part, but in its summary, Pew attributes the trend in part also to changing attitudes, with more than four in ten Americans saying that "more people of different races marrying each other has been a change for the better in our society, while only about one-in-ten think it is a change for the worse." Now for the details: Who marries out most: Likeliest to "marry out" were Asian Americans at 28 percent, followed by Latinos at 26 percent.

There's not as much of a gender difference among white and Latino newlyweds who marry outside their group.

White/Asian newlywed couples have more money: Between 20, white/Asian newlyweds had higher median combined annual earnings (,952) than other couples, including more than couples in which both partners are white or both are Asian. Couples in which the husband is Asian and the wife is white.

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