Lose data when updating iphone

On i OS 8’s birthday — today — there are millions of people trying to get the update simultaneously.

That’s a lot of data coming out of Apple’s servers, and you won’t get the full-speed transfer you might see if you wait until the lines die down. If you really can’t wait, you’ll have better luck if you can do the update via i Tunes on your Mac or PC, with your device connected to the computer.

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The update will not happen if you have less than that.

On an i Pad mini with Retina Display, one warning said 6.9 GB.

You don’t have to sacrifice all that room for good; it’s just a playground for the installer during the surgery.

Once the upgrade is complete, i OS 8 will let you use that space you freed up for your apps and files again.

Apple’s i OS 8, the latest version of the operating system for i Phone, i Pad, and i Pod, is now available.

It’s pretty darn slick, and it’s what everyone who orders a new i Phone 6 will get when those devices start arriving on Friday.

But the upgrade is also available for existing Apple devices. While the operating system itself is about a 1-gigabyte download (which is pretty big), your device needs even more breathing room to perform the update.

Reports vary, but on an i Pad 3, for example, you need at least 5.8 GB of free space.

This morning, at the office where I work, the update app was projecting between five and seven hours to download. But after the download, the actual installation can take 30 minutes or more (it took me an hour) — during which time you can’t use your device.

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