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To improve this a little, let's put an [Update] button on the spreadsheet that re-reads the CSV file when clicked.All the file-format settings you made earlier when importing the file will automatically be applied.

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Styles and methods will varry Spacing: Spacing inside a roll rarely matters, as it does not generally affect the results of a roll.

When making macros, spacing everything far apart will make it easier to see where you might have made an error, and to make it easier to adjust later on as needed.

When figuring out result spacing in the chat window, try to get things to fit on as few lines as possible.

As you read through this article you will find certain techniques simplified or unused in order to emphasize the topic method.

The examples provided are not necessarily meant to be used as-is(Though everything posted is functional).

Rather, they're offered as an example of a particular method to be combined with other techniques for you to craft your own comprehensive macros using all techniques you're comfortable with employing.

This is a collaborative work with several contributors.

Reload, it will ask you if the "links to other files should be updated". The same will happen if you close and re-open the spreadsheet.

It is important to note that the the tab (sheet) that contains the data from the file can ONLY contain these data.

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