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They are indicative of an involved bilateral process whereby a responsive New Delhi adapted to U.S.-led sanctions regime, and in turn Washington accommodated Indian interests.Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi might have promised to “reboot and reorient the foreign policy goals, content and process” through Bharatiya Janata Party’s 2014 election manifesto.

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At this point, it is worthwhile to view the subject from a unique vantage point by taking a look at the Indian experience with U. These sanctions involved supplementary economic restrictions, commonly known as secondary sanctions, which were designed to penalize non-U. citizens or companies for doing business with Iran.

Aimed at completely isolating the target, secondary sanctions certainly diversified the scope of sanctions, impeding Iran’s dealings with the rest of the world.

Though sanctions on Indian entities were largely symbolic and transient, the Indian government conveyed its opposition to unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States, arguing that the measures were unjustified.

In the last decade India has firmly maintained its opposition to unilateral sanctions on several occasions.

Recently, however, when White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest acknowledged India’s “substantial sacrifice” in implementing U. sanctions against Iran, New Delhi’s resistance to unilateral sanctions appeared shallow.

India’s opposition as well as contended support to the sanctions cannot be understood without taking into account Washington’s efforts to garner New Delhi’s cooperation.

Interactions between the two governments on the Iranian issue are not an exercise of persuasion-resistance and subsequent compliance, as media reports seemingly suggest.

Arguing that New Delhi does not support “economic sanctions that do not have the approval of the United Nations Security Council,” India has extended its sympathy to other countries facing sanctions as well.

Nonetheless, during the reign of both, the United Progressive Alliance and NDA governments, New Delhi did not cease to adapt to geopolitical changes and conformed to international obligations.


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