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I grew my hair out, bought rainbow sandals, and went to UC Berkeley for college where I spent a year in Eastern Europe living with the Roma and studying medical ethnobotany which got me interested in access to care and systems medicine.At UCSF, rounding out a decade in the Bay Area, I fell in love with the versatility, intensity and chaos of the ED while learning about value-based medicine.I’m so excited to come to U of Chicago and train to become a confident and capable ED physician.

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And I’m glad I did because it’s been one of the best decisions I ever made!

I went to medical school at UNC Chapel Hill and, rivalry with Duke aside, loved my time there.

I pretty much went into medical school knowing I would pursue Emergency Medicine.

Watching Magic as a toddler at the Great Western Forum where the Lakers reigned supreme and living in California all my life, I feel oddly at home here in Chicago near The House That Jordan Built.

My father was salesman whose job took us around Southern California; switching schools or neighborhoods (with a brief one year stint in Iran), I learned essential skills like playing Pogs and Pokemon which quickly earned me friends (of a certain ilk) in most circles.

When I was in high school, my mom began working for an airline and gave me a special blue card which let me walk into any airport and freely fly any Delta flight that had a seat (first or economy!

) which made for a lot of interesting experiences (like being on a flight above NY during 9/11).

My special interests are in management, finance and efficiency and I hope to look at lots of ways to build better value in the ED. I grew up in Charlotte, NC in a medical family (my dad is a surgeon, mother is a nurse) and as such spent most of my life resisting the urge to do anything medical.

I went to a public high school where my I was an “art kid” and actually thought that was what I would end up doing with my life for a long time.

For undergrad, I went to Duke University (Go Devils!

) and that was where I realized I couldn’t fight it any longer and gave into the urge to pursue a career in medicine.


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