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Decades ago, like sheltered offspring of the analogs we ventured forth awake, wary and suitably awe inspired. We’ve become a bunch of disease ridden, voyeuristic groupies caught in an orgy of malevolent oneness, no matter the consequences. The internet has had the most profound impact on how we learn.

We had Mc Afee, we had Firewalls, we had Hollywood sci-fis. We kept schtum and spoke in hushed tones about privacy and values. The question still stands as to whether that impact has been for better or for worse.

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It is said that the residents of Darwin, in California, have yet to experience broadband and have thus been frozen in the past.

Their only means of communication with the modern world is through a dial-up powered time machine which they can’t use since their sister’s constantly on the phone.

As anyone’s Dad will tell you; The evolution of the species is rapidly accelerating.

What’s really evident is our casual attitude to risk within the world of digital.

Once upon a time, in a land before the miracle of broadband, accessing the internet wasn’t something you did, but rather something you heard.

Dial-up has since become a not so fond memory of slow speeds and the sound of a bone-chilling screech, which, for many people inspired fears of a coming war between the humans and the machines.Thankfully, this technology was never actually a threat to our survival.Modems have all but been destroyed, found now only on the desks of retro-chic hipsters.Today, the likely response to a person requesting directions from you is: Where’s your google maps app, you Noob?The benefits of technology’s use in education are notably profound but there have always been serious questions raised among academics about the negative side effects technology has on the way we are evolution decided we were supposed to learn. I don’t know, but just Google it, there’s tons of stuff out there.Creativity in the digital space wasn’t always fun and games.


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