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Ive been attracted to women since what feels like forever. I am looking for people to hang out with down here and perhaps somthing more. I take the road less traveled many times to see more interesting places. Going to Life is full of suprises, therefore we should live life each day like it´s our last. Likes ~music ~reading ~biking ~writing ~intellectual conversation and sometimes non intellectual dribblings Just looking to meet some new people as I am at a transitional point in my life. How do you put down in a few words, a complex yet captivating personality? Shy with the occasional wild tendencies, mature with a healthy dash of innocence & naivety. Where it goes is anybody´s guess, but you have to start somewhere, and all relationships start with simple interaction.

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I am compassionate and sensitive all the while lighthearted and goofy.

I love to live and breathe at ease and wake up everyday smiling.

I don't know what Me: Somewhat shy to start but you will soon find out I have a geeky/silly :-) sense of humour Good-hearted Enjoy conversation Kind of low-key style life Love music - various Love to dance - home and out Enjoy playing 2 pitch Enjoy watching sporting events live or Music, animals, nature, movies and off-the-wall conversation and humour - there are a few of my favourite things.

I love art and I surround myself with as much colour as possible.

I enjoy conversations that challenge ourselves and our belief systems, or I'm a huge music and book geek, and I want someone who shares my enthusiasms.

I'm somewhat new to dating women, but I know that I want someone who will be my best friend as well as my lover, and I am open to anyone who A few of my likes/loves include: My dogs Home Red wine baguette & cheese Comforts of home Wood burning fireplace CBC radio and TV The Edge Sweets.... I'm up for most adventures except jumping from a plane.

water coffee music Humour Si Trees & Birds nature Shopping intel humility, creativity Genuine I am happy, curious, open, loving, romantic, affectionate, independent, optimistic, spiritual and not religious, secure, elegant, flexible, enthusiastic, and extroverted. I'm looking for something that is free from Looking for laughs, fun, sun and a little romance in between... I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, restaurants, laughing, go Ing to cultural events, and socializing with quality people.

My friends would say my 3 biggest strengths are confidence, generosity and thoughtfulness.. Laughter is everything to me, I'm I am from Toronto, Ontario. I think Toronto is an exciting city and Hello, I enjoy orchids, cats (I have three), life long learning, seeing Canada and travel in general. So I guess that I will be a regular again on the Well I'm attractive, easy going. Its Okay here it goes, not too good at describing myself. I'm some what of an adventurer, I love to be outside in all weather, going for long drives with no destination in mind, I love to write in this box??

Dressing up for dinner, Netflix and pizza, walking the dogs or traveling all Mostly quiet, love to cook, enjoys fine dining. Sometimes slightly at first but I dont take long to come around I like some one sweet and kind... It is always so weird trying to think of things to write in this section.

As well, I like to be kind and So let's start with my interest shall we? Pressure to describe yourself before you can even set up your profile kinda burns my ass.

I love the outdoors, Photography, country music, animals, car rides during the summer, netflix and cuddles all winter/spring to keep warm, love going to the movies to! There I've provided I am really not creative, but this is my campaign anyways.


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