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Does what you said in 1952 about overcoming severe shyness by approaching possible female partners, as you did when you were 19 years-old, still hold true?

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You are many possible acts — some of which you will discover if you keep trying. If you unconditionally accept As many fans of REBT know, Dr.

Albert Ellis first flirted with behavioral techniques at age 19.

It was a way to get over his shyness, fear of public speaking and a fear of approaching women.

Also, they may dislike something about you, but rarely will they dislike you totally, in every respect.

You may hate yourself totally for one or a few rejections — but, if so, you arrantly over-generalize, as Alfred Korzybski said in in the 1950’s.

You may do rejectable things, but you are never totally rejectable or worthless.

Someday you may act acceptably — especially if you keep persistently trying with in vivo risk-taking. Yes, you may have done badly this time but you are not what you did.

If they now don’t do so, that only shows that they presently reject your presence — and not for all time or not by all possible partners.

There can always be a tomorrow — so you keep risking failure until you sometimes succeed.

Being rejected does not mean your rejectors will, with their own obsessive-compulsiveness, eternally disfavor you.

Even when they usually do so, that still doesn’t mean they forever will.

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