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“The [jungle-themed] photo shoot was where I really told the judges, ‘you know what, I really don’t want to go home’,” said Liam.“I’m doing all I can, but I’m not getting there and I don’t understand why.

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Season 2 winner Sheena Liam triumphed over fan favourite Jodilly Pendre (seen above) in the season finale.

Image: Star World The Malaysian model is just as surprised by her win; she was almost ready to give up and “go home” halfway through the season.

Thankfully, her turning point came in episode nine, while in the middle of the Borneo jungle.

Speaking to us on the phone from her hometown Kajang, Malaysia, the model shared more about that defining moment during the modelling competition, when she finally opened up to the show judges Adam Williams and Mike Rosenthal.

“We’re still in touch, so it’s cool that wherever I go in Asia now, or even half of the world, I’ll always have a friend [thanks to these girls],” said Liam.

At the time of our phone interview on the afternoon of April 9, 2014, Liam was still busy keeping mum about her win; her family members too, were kept in the dark. “I haven’t celebrated at all actually, I’ve been too busy keeping the secret from everyone!” Here, we share some of the surprising tidbits that Liam reveals about herself and her fellow contestants; including the reason why this leggy Malaysian is currently still single and more than happy to be so. The second season of saw many fiery arguments break out between the girls.But after all that has been said and done, these 16 girls are still friends, according to Liam.“We have a Whatsapp group, a private Facebook group where we share funny stuff, boyfriend pictures, of food,” shared Liam.Still, she concedes that there were indeed, much tension that arose from the girls’ competitiveness and the pressures of living together, all under one roof. “[The fights are] not scripted, it’s definitely real, it’s what they’re feeling because of the tension [on the show].” She’s keen to add that models often billed as drama queens — Indonesian model Janice J.Hermijanto and Singapore model Nicole Lee — are far more likeable than they may seem on-screen. Hermijanto (Indonesia), Nicole Lee (Singapore) were pictured as drama queens in the series.

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