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‘ squintern playbook — will “rotate some fun people” through the agency’s doors.“The first two episodes are all about Ziva’s departure,” Glasberg notes.

Question: What’s going to happen with my favorite (almost) couple Jane and Lisbon on this season of ?

—Bethany Ausiello: The conclusion of the Red John mystery later this fall will have a profound impact on their relationship — for better or worse.

“Up until now, they’ve been tied by this professional dynamic and this mission they’re on,” notes series creator Bruno Heller.

That’s going to be part of what’s fun and fresh about this season.

We’re going to get to know them better.” Question: Please tell me if you have any feel Paula (that is your first name, right? Sadly, I have no news for you on “Crowen,” unless the new recurring character the show is adding figures into their fractured relationship somehow.

The newbie, Bill, is a likable jazz musician in his 50s who has been “somewhat ravaged by drug abuse.” He’s slated to appear in roughly five episodes of Season 10. – Titan Ausiello: Well, when you ask in such a polite fashion, how can I say no?A new thirtysomething character, Trey, is going to be hot, rich, charming, confident, self-deprecating and European — which narrows his romantic pool to Juliette, Scarlett, Zoey, Will or anyone with a pulse.So we’re going to bring in people like that and have some fun with different characters.And then, hopefully, when people are comfortable enough, one will walk in and be The One.” Emmy nominee) Dan Bucatinsky. We’re going to see them in the hospital together and juggling their roles in a major way.” The super-sized Sept.26 kickoff is alternately “dramatic, emotional and exciting,” the actor-writer-producer adds.“Also, we’re going to watch these new interns become part of the fabric of the hospital.

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