Radiometric dating assignment

So you’re studying at a secular institution and have received an assignment asking you to explain some evolutionary concepts. What happens if you can’t find any creationist information on the topic? All you need is to understand the thinking of secular science, how to research the topic, and how to write the assignment.

Once you know these things you can write an assignment without compromising your creationist views.

And your assignment will be one which can advance the creationist cause, as well as being a quality piece of writing that will receive a good grade.

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Once you have registered, you can add books to your profile and distribute access codes to your students.You may distribute only the same number of access codes as the number of print student editions purchased.Notes from Editors: CMI receives many enquiries from Christian students asking for advice as to how they might answer exam questions or write assignments about evolution.Dr Tas Walker is one creationist who has himself ‘been through the mill’.He never concealed his Bible-based beliefs in a created, young universe from his university lecturers, yet such was Dr Walker’s grasp of the subject matter (majoring in geology/radiometric dating) that he not only successfully passed, but obtained high distinctions and first-class honours.We trust you’ll find his counsel helpful—and you’re very welcome to pass it on! Should you argue the case for creation and try to prove that evolution does not work?


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