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These symptoms may go unrecognized as being caused by an allergy.

People with allergic diseases may not stop to think about how much allergy symptoms are affecting their lives.

But if you do, you can probably think of a number of ways in which allergies affect your quality of life.

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Friends, co-workers, and family may not be sympathetic to how allergies are affecting the individual because symptoms are not always obvious.

The allergic person may appear to be healthy, yet may be suffering from severe headaches or intense fatigue.

For the 40 to 50 million Americans like you who suffer from allergies, this disease is very real and very important.

People often ask, “Isn’t everyone allergic to something?

” Many people may suffer from allergies without ever realizing that they have a treatable allergic condition.

Some symptoms can be very obvious, such as sneezing on a high pollen day or after exposure to a cat.

But other symptoms can be chronic (on-going), such as recurrent upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, ear infections, headaches, cough, and fatigue.

Allergies can also affect you or your family in other important ways, such as time lost from school or work, or poor performance due to an inability to concentrate.

The time and expenses related to obtaining medical care and buying medications can also add up.

It’s much more than just allergies to the person who is suffering.

Unfortunately, the allergic person is sometimes thought of as a complainer.


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