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Traffic jams are the result of competition for a scarce and highly valuable resource — the open road, and by extension, our freedom to travel where and when we want.

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If you have a boat operator's licence, special permit or boat registration you must notify a change of name, address or medical condition within 14 days.

An authorised person may require you to produce your boat licence or special permit within a specified period, usually 48 hours.

If you have changed your name, lost or destroyed your licence you will need to replace your licence.

If you hold a boat licence or special permit you must notify a change in your medical condition within 14 days.

Instead of racing to beat yellow lights, or bemoaning an excruciatingly stale red light, they’ve shown that a centrally-controlled system in constant communication with every car on the road could synchronize the flow of traffic to optimize travel times and send us racing fearlessly through four-way intersections.

In other words, traffic lights may someday go the way of pay phones — urban relics that remind us of simpler times.The researchers built a computer model that simulated traffic conditions at an intersection under the control of both a normal stoplight and a computer algorithm that adjusted approaching vehicles’ speeds.You can provide notification of any physical or mental impairment that may affect your ability to operate a boat or other vessel by visiting a Service SA customer service centre or by phone on 13 10 84.If you have lost or destroyed your licence, or changed your name you will need a replacement licence.A fee is payable for a replacement boat licence, unless the replacement is required because of a change of name.Getting stuck in traffic, like death and taxes, is just part life for people who drive vehicles to get from point A to B.


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