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Though there are no formal declarations, , TLC’s Nancy Daniels says there are no plans to further televise Duggar lives, but stopped short of saying that the network had decided not to air further Duggar specials, or even another series.

Notably, after TLC initially removed , after the police reports were released in which Josh Duggar was reported to have molested five girls, four of whom were his sisters, the network stayed closely involved with the family.

On Saturday, Ben Seewald, husband of Josh’s sister Jessa, also posted on Instagram on Saturday, speaking of the value of forgiveness.

Though Ben’s post referenced Biblical forgiveness and salvation, rather than forgiveness between people, it was one more instance of a Duggar family member bringing up forgiveness and lauding it as a virtue or otherwise valuable quality.

Michelle Duggar says her son Josh is continuing to receive counseling following his release from rehabilitation, and that he’s now living in Arkansas again and working to rebuild relationships with the family.

New scandals continue to rock the brand; the religious leadership the Duggar family has been connected to since the 90s has lost its accreditation with an evangelical accountability organization, other reality stars have distanced themselves from it, and allegations of sexual abuse continue to come against the former leader of the sect.

Before the police reports regarding Josh Duggar’s alleged molestation of several young girls was publicly released, his wife posted about forgiveness on Instagram.

Since then, his sisters have spoken about forgiveness on multiple occasions, most recently when Joy and Jessa Duggar both told Now, the husbands of two Duggar daughters are also talking about forgiveness and mercy, both posting on social media without mentioning their brother-in-law by name.

Earlier this week, Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, tweeted a Bible reference.

Josh Duggar has recently been released from his treatment for “porn addiction,” and with viewing audiences wondering where he is and what he’s doing, two brothers-in-law have spoken out about the value of mercy and forgiveness.

Expressing and calling for forgiveness has been a theme for the family throughout the very public series of scandals, relating to the revelation of Josh’s crimes as a minor and his secret dating site account as an adult.

The husbands of two of Josh’s sisters are the latest to add their voices.

The Duggar family has returned to television after a brief hiatus, and the first season of their new show soon comes to a close.

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