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For this I created a Power Shell script which will do just that.

Citrix PVS is used to stream a read-only v Disk to VM’s on a Xen Server infrastructure.

Since a non-persistent desktop loses all updates after a reboot the Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) clients’ virus definitions also resets to the moment you last updated the definition files in your image.

This means that, each day since the last v Disk version, the client will have to re-download all definition files after every reboot.

Hey all, I recently upgraded to SEPM 12.1RU5 - since then, SEPM hasn't been receiving updates from the desktop clients.

Currently, SEPM is reporting all of my machines definitions are out of date (reflecting November 26th) - however if I go to the local machines, the definitions are updated daily as per the settings.

Was there maybe an issue, or step I missed during the update process that could cause this issue? I've also noticed that since the update, I've been having a lot of users report Windows Error Reporting popping and stating that no firewall is currently active (we have it setup to be managed by the Symantec installation instead of Windows) - however they're somehow getting turned off, but it seems to be hit-or-miss with the users. The obvious solution to this unwanted behavior is to move the definition files to a location on the persistent disk attached to the VM.The problem is that the SEP client does not have a configuration option that will allow you to do that. Even after a reboot I now have up to date definition files and I have an extra GB of data on my system disk where the files used to be.So I decided to create my own redirection solution. So here’s a Step-By-Step instruction on how to accomplish this.Here’s how I did it: folder to a location on my persistent disk, made my registry changes and started the client. Follow these steps in your client OS (in Read/Write mode): Now that we’ve prepared our image for this change we have to make sure that the definition files are present on the persistent disks on all VM’s in the environment.


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