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Charlotte's gallery scores a big hit with the works of the artist Baird Johnson, rare even for New Yorkers' almost un-shockable standards: drag kings, women completely dressed-up as men; ...

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Miranda is back with Steve and gave him a key, but really wrestles with his tendency to 'invade' her apartment territory, such as sleeping with his head touching 'her' pillow.

When Carrie is telling her friends that Sean has told her he's bisexual she comments that he said it as flippantly as "I'm from Colorado" in Friends, Eddie Cahill plays Tag (who dates Rachel) and is from Colorado See more » Carrie finds out that Sean, her new young boyfriend, has had relationships with both men and women, and tries not to let it faze her, but it does eventually.

Charlotte takes part in a photo shoot by a famous photographer, Baird Johnson, whose latest technique is to photograph women dressed as men.

Miranda deals with personal issues when Steve proposes moving in with her.

Samantha butts heads with her new twenty-something male assistant.

While nothing much goes with the story, I still feel entertained by this episode especially after we get to see Carrie try to move on with Mr Big.

It is just sad that she keeps falling in love with the wrong guys.

This time she dates an openly bisexual which apparently she has issues about.

Also,we get to see the other story lines wherein Samantha continues to look for sex; Steve and Miranda continue to try to work things out; and Charlotte looking for Mr.

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