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The Portage County Sheriff's Office holds active warrants for the persons listed below. If you know the whereabouts or have any knowledge of any of these persons, call the Portage County Sheriff's Office at 715-346-1400 or your local law enforcement agency. You may also email the Portage County Sheriff's Office with the information at [email protected] The Portage County Sheriff's Office must verify all warrants before any action is taken.

If you see your name listed below, you can contact the Portage County Sheriff's Office at 715-346-1400 or your local law enforcement agency to resolve the warrant for your arrest.

If the reason for the warrant states that it is for a fine that is due you can click here to pay on-line.

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After all, some young, crazy guy all in a hoopla over the challenge of getting a good girl to go bad; some gals see through that.

Ginny is Virginia C., who lived around the corner from us in Hicksville.

It's my understanding that although they went to Fork Lane Elementary together, Ginny went over to Catholic school, either Holy Family (til 8th grade) or Holy Trinity High School, newly opened- both were only blocks from our homes. High School crush- putting all sorts of religious, anti-Catholic meaning into it is simply psychological projection from the listener.

“We live three blocks from the library and six blocks from both schools.

Now, we’re trying to sell our house and we can’t do that either.

Somebody came by and looked at it but said they wouldn’t buy it because they did some research and child predators live next to us.” John Weidl, Mukwonago’s village administrator, said Mukwonago is one of many communities that doesn’t have a specific ordinance dealing with sex offenders.Now, they’re working to pass one that mirrors a new state law, which keeps sex offenders from living 1,500 feet from where children are, such as schools, parks and daycare centers.There is something so right about this lyric: "Well your mother told you all that I could give you was a reputation, Aw she never cared for me; But did she ever say a prayer for me? It's a stroke of luck that the girl Billy Joel had a crush on was named Virginia as the name is derivative of the word 'virgin' which is the type of girl the lyrics here are written about.I usually like a song like this that is cute and clever, but for some reason it's just average to me.Still, I have to admit the singer uses everything he's got to try to persuade the girl to leave her cloistered, religious upbringing to experience his physical passion for her.Maybe the singer didn't have the goods Virginia was looking for, so she used her Catholic ways as an excuse to put him off.


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