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” Momo is a cellphone app that has been widely used in China to facilitate casual sexual encounters.Traditionally, dating in China was marriage- and family-focused.It was common for parents and their social circle to suggest who to date, and which restaurant to dine at.

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The country’s economic reforms began in the early ’80s and, although state media retains a tight grip over television and radio, Internet access provides a mind-expanding explosion of sexual consciousness.

Today, with 1.28 billion smartphones in use, technology is reshaping the game of love in ways that few imagined.

Politically sensitive news and resources have become much more accessible, but the masses seem more interested in western entertainment.

BEIJING—“It’s become a part of my life,” admits Liu Qian on the topic of online dating.

Over the last decade, her computer and smartphone have helped her to meet a multitude of suitors and lovers.

“Your family may have some rules for you, but when you are not home, things are different,” she says.

“For example, one-night stands: they’re really common.

Television shows like Girls and Masters of Sex are available online, and they may be more responsible than any other factor for the shift in young Chinese attitudes.

Iris Bian, 28, is a market researcher based in Beijing.

As a woman who watched Sex and the City at the age of 14, she knows that in China her attitudes are urban and progressive.

But she says that such attitudes are spreading to the farthest reaches of the country.“Even if you are living in a third- or fourth-tier city,” she says, “you still know how to use Momo, right?


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