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Campaigners believe the easy availability of porn online means that young teenage girls increasingly see overtly sexual behaviour as normal – meaning they are more likely to fall victim to paedophiles.

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In a report on ‘emerging threats’, the watchdog said they were building friendships with the youngsters, before initiating ‘sexually exploitative acts’ such as persuading them to take revealing pictures of themselves.

Some of the paedophiles set up profiles pretending to be much younger than they are to lure girls into a false sense of security.

And because Facebook does not properly verify the age of youngsters who join up, it means that pre-teens with pages on the site could be at risk of being groomed.

It can be the first hook to meeting and further grooming.’ She added: ‘A lot of children are online now.

It is part of their life and growing up, so all the sexual experimentation our generation did offline, they feel natural doing online.’ The issue of Facebook grooming was highlighted in a ‘threat assessment’ carried out by CEOP over the summer, which warned offenders were coercing children into performing ‘harmful and degrading sexual activity online’.‘Without sufficient recognition and intervention from law enforcement, there is every likelihood that this trend will grow.

With the forecasted growth of internet use across the world, particularly in developing nations, it is increasingly likely that UK children will also be targeted by offenders based overseas.’ ‘This then forms the basis for further threats and incitement to perform increasingly serious sexual acts.’ Jon Brown, of the NSPCC, said: ‘Sex offenders often prowl the internet looking for victims they can lure into potentially dangerous situations.

‘Children should not reveal their identities, share personal information or send photographs to any strangers they encounter online and must never meet them unless they are going with an adult or someone else they trust.‘Facebook said it had a ‘zero tolerance’ to child exploitative content.

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