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Although initial plans were for her to be the proprietor of the Local Hangout, this was changed during production, and she is now (as the series finale portended) a successful lawyer working with a major firm.Cory's older brother, by turns a fun, charismatic ladies man and a lovable (but seriously deranged) Cloud Cuckoolander.

Cory's lifelong best friend, a Street Smart but Book Dumb kid from a broken home who grew up in a trailer park.

While Cory relied on Shawn to help him with girls and navigate the high school social scene, Shawn relied on Cory to bail him out of trouble and provide stability in his turbulent life.

Along with Cory, Shawn appears in every episode, cementing their status as Heterosexual Life-Partners.

Though Rider Strong had initially demurred from appearing in (going so far as to issue a formal statement on the matter), Shawn appeared in two episodes of the show's first season, with further appearances in the upcoming second season.

He makes his first appearance in the season two episode "Girl Meets Mr.

Squirrels" where Cory enlists him to help solve a fight between his daughter Riley and her friend Maya. Squirrels persona to win people over, was elected the mayor of a small town on the New York-Quebec border and does a great job of helping people solve their problems.By the end of the episode has set his sights on running for Congress.It is revealed that Shawn left New York shortly after Cory and Topanga's daughter was born and is now a travel writer (and photographer, in a Call Back to his interest in the hobby during the fifth season).Cory's girlfriend for the majority of the series, and eventual wife.Though she began as a classic Granola Girl, she morphed into a perfectionist Hollywood Nerd fairly early on and generally was the superego on Cory's shoulder in comparison to Shawn's id.In the Sequel Series , she is still married to Cory, and they have two children.


  1. She did not behave like other trannies, but was more natural and shy.

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