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The prosecutors reportedly discovered Andy had gambled an estimated 40 million won (approximately ,000) while Boom and Yang are thought to have gambled 30 million won (,000) and 20 million won (,000), respectively.

The investigation also looked into Tony Ahn, Lee Soo Geun, and Tak Jae Hoon, who are all said to have participated in illegal gambling activities, although the three stars have yet to be indicted.

Immediately following the Prosecution Office's statement, Andy's representative agency TOP Media released an official statement via their company website regarding the matter.

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She has also stated that she has not met or seen Junjin while on her trip." Her agency continued, "Yoon Jin Yi was escorted by her manager at the airport and her manager confirmed her and her friends boarding their flight as well." Junjin also released his official statement and confirmed that he is overseas on a trip but not to Singapore but to Vietnam.

We’ve all daydreamed about it, but what would it really be like to date one of the Shinhwa members?

Shinhwa was the guest on the May 3 broadcast of Mnet’s Beatles Code 2, where the members talked about their respective dating styles.

"Andy is deeply self-reflecting in relation to this situation and the result of the prosecution's investigation," TOP Media continued.

"Henceforth, he will halt all official activities and try to have a period for self-reflection and examination for the time being." Additionally, the agency passed along the Shinhwa member's personal apology to the production teams in charge of the various projects he is currently a part of.

"He will try to never again cause worry to the people who send him a lot of love through an event like this.

Other media stated that the two first met through a group meeting early this year. Media outlets have been stating that Junjin fell for her bright personality and that Yoon Jin Yi fell for his manly image.

Back in August, Yoon Jin Yi was seen at Junjin's talk concert and gained much attention as well.

During the concert, Yoon Jin Yi was not wearing anything to cover her face and was seen enjoying the concert.

However, Yoon Jin Yi recently released her official statement on the rumors.

Yoon Jin Yi's agency stated on October 21, "After confirming with Yoon Jin Yi, it has been stated that she is currently in Singapore on a trip with friends.

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