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Summer's coming to a swift and grievous end, which isn't a surprise but still makes me feel like I’m confronting some harsh truths.

He did his duty to his government and did his job regardless of any circumstances that arose during his guard duty — even spontaneous teleportation to another country.

Teleportation is a common theme in literature, movies and anything science fiction.

The crew of the Starship Enterprise had it down to a science.

The mad scientist in The Fly botched it terribly and Stephen King had it stealing the sanity of children in his short story “The Jaunt.” There is no denying that teleportation has an appeal in fiction because it strips away the location limitations of characters and it is open to interpretation; all manner of horrors can occur as a result because we simply do not know what side effects teleportation may have.

So it goes without saying that when we were first presented...

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He was a member of the Filipino Guardia Civil and worked as a guard at the palace of the Governor General in Manila, Philippines.

His life was rather typical of a soldier in that place and time.

There is also an interest in real life teleportation because it would obviously be quite convenient.

The real life applications could be life saving and bring people closer together.

However, it could also change the face of modern warfare and make it very difficult to track criminals.


  1. Several transgender persons taking part in the activities of the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia on May 17 in Havana told a crowd of hundreds of people about their lives and wondered how long they would have to wait to win society’s respect and be able to solve what for them is a serious health issue.“Even if I’m 90 by the time the operation is approved, I’ll do it if I’m still alive,” said Juani, who was officially diagnosed as a female-to-male transsexual back in 1972.

  2. A New York bartender hopes to narrow the odds of finding love online by creating a dating site — just of himself.

  3. Hi all, my first time posting here, any advice you could offer would be much appreciated I'm an English guy and I've been dating a Thai girl here in the UK for over a year now.

  4. Oh, I am sure we would have a lot of great time together.

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