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It seems as if GOP is interested in leaking the totality of Sony Pictures' data, without censoring personal information.

The zips contained a massive amount of filenames in text format, about 40 million in total, all of which GOP claims to have in its grasp.

After that initial blast of filenames, the real leaks began.

At the beginning of this week, full length Sony films were posted online after being stolen in the breach.

Two of those movies were leaked well ahead of schedule, even by piracy's standards. On top of those motion picture leaks is an incredibly large amount of data (the first blast was 25GBs, compressed) that contains contracts, accounting info, and other internal and confidential files.

The extraordinarily wide-reaching data breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment has been dominating tech news headlines ever since the hack was announced last week.

And while there has been plenty of speculation about who is behind it—many ​believe it was North Korea, Yesterday afternoon, however, a representative from the hacking group once-known as the Guardians of Peace (GOP) told VICE in an email that they are part of a North Korean cyberwarfare unit.

They also asked us to " For those of you who haven't been following the story, last week computers across the offices of Sony Pictures Entertainment were plastered with an image showing a CGI skeleton taunting all who looked upon it.

Overlaid on the image were links to zip files, which included a teaser of what was to come.

For this reason, it's not completely out of the question that Iranian hackers could be involved as well.

Stuxnet, the infamous American-Israeli malware that targeted Iranian nuclear computers, has infuriated the Iranians.

And We also know that North Korea's technological resources are slim, and while they do have a cyberwarfare division, it's reliant on outsourced facilities and training.


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