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Here's why in their latest he said/she said: John looked at me like I was crazy. Here are my top 4 reasons why you should "stay together" during the divorce: 1. During your marriage, you both have equal parenting rights.

This means that Mom and Dad have an equal claim to custody.

When it comes to test-driving a separation everyone has an opinion, but no one disagrees more than your marriage counselor and your divorce attorney.

A trial separation is one of the most challenging decisions a couple can make when facing hard relationship problems.

Couples often struggle with questions like "What will we tell the kids?

," "Is it healthy to try and stay in the same house? " With so many questions to address, Denver marriage counselor Aaron Anderson advises couples that it's healthier to separate during the divorce but New York divorce attorney Morghan Richardson advises against a move-out. " But that's exactly why he needed to go home, because separation triggers a host of legal consequences that might hurt you in your divorce case.

Unhappy with her new roommates and cramped space, she wanted back in their cooperative apartment, after all, "he's the cheater, he should leave," she told me. Her husband asked the Court for "exclusive use and occupancy" of the apartment, to keep Marylin out and essentially prevent the fighting that would take place if she moved back. Most states have "no fault" divorce and grounds (reasons for the divorce) are not necessary.

While Marylin still had rights to the value of the apartment as a marital asset, she lost the right to move back in. However, moving out for a year or more may trigger a ground called "abandonment." This just gives spouses one more reason for the divorce.When divorce is imminent, most couples don't wait for the court date before they begin moving on with their lives.Tip: If there is so much strife that living together during the divorce isn't possible, the parties should try to strike a short temporary agreement about custody before a move out takes place. Once someone moves out, there may be an obligation to pay spousal support and child support.Support can also include the obligation to continue paying the mortgage and bills that you paid when you lived together.Keeping two separate homes is always more expensive than having one household. Marylin was a gorgeous flight attendant with a hot temper.While it might be uncomfortable, staying together under one roof will cut costs during the divorce. When she found out about her husband's affair, she packed a bag and left that night.

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