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This would support dendro-scientists who intend to analyze new parameters and develop new methodologies to understand the short and long term effects of specific environmental factors on the anatomy of woody plants.

Trees, as well as shrubs, dwarf shrubs, and even herbs, show manifold response patterns related to changes in their environment.

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This is done by analyzing growth variations back in time and correlating various plant-specific parameters to (for example) temperature records.

Integrating wood anatomical parameters in these analyses would strengthen reconstructions, even down to intra-annual resolution.

We therefore present a protocol on how to sample, prepare, and analyze wooden specimen for common macroscopic analyses, but also for subsequent microscopic analyses.

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We recommend downloading the newest version of Flash here, but we support all versions 10 and above. Here we present a protocol outlining how to sample wooden specimens for the overall assessment of their growth structures.

Macro- and microscopic preparation and visualization techniques necessary to generate well-replicated and highly resolved wood anatomical and dendroecological dataset, are described are described.

Furthermore we introduce a potential solution for analyzing digital images generated from common small and large specimens to support time-series analyses.

The protocol presents the basic steps as they currently can be used.

Beyond this, there is an ongoing need for the improvement of existing techniques, and development of new techniques, to record and quantify past and ongoing environmental processes.

Traditional wood anatomical research needs to be expanded to include ecological information to this field of research.

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