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Try to ally yourselves with a tribe at this point because you are nearing the end of your protection.

If its loyalty falls under 0 you will conquer that village.

The Nobleman stats look like this: Offensive strength - 30 General Defence -100 Cavalry Defence - 50 Defence Archer -100 The requirements to raise a Nobleman are: Village Headquarters (Level20) Smithy (Level20) Market (Level10) and you also need 100 villagers. In every village you cancreate 1 academy, each level of the academy is treated like a new academy building.

If you have a level 1 academy, you can recruit 1 nobleman, a level 2 academy 2 noblemen and so on.

Upgrade your village HQ to around level 3 to construct the barracks and train about 10 Spear Fighters and attack the nearest abandoned village for more resources.

Once you attackers return with the resources, begin upgrading your HQ to level 5 so you can build a Smithy.

After saving your resources for awhile, build a statue. Also get a wall to about level 5, upgrade various buildings, and train a paladin at the statue.

Continue expanding your military and attacking the abandoned villages for resources and upgrade your buildings until you can build a Stables and Scouts.

Tribal Wars Hint: ----- Submitted by: Tim Stuart Type in cheats as user then for password copy it- then it will say what cheat to do but you have to give 100 points away...

World 9: -------- Submitted by: RM The following is a tutorial for the first five days of World 9.

The first things that you should concentrate on is upgrading/building your Timber Camp, Clay Pit and Iron mine.

Once they are all at about level 5, start concentrating on your military.


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