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Big Bear's taxi service can be reached at 909/866-TAXI.

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You can also make the choice to alternate your drinks with non-alcoholic beverages this evening.

For more information on how to deal with a hangover headache, you can visit the National Headache Foundation website at

Designate a Driver for New Year's Eve; Big Bear Taxi Will Be Operating All Night If you're headed out this evening, you should plan to have a designated driver, as there is only one public transportation option that will be available in the Big Bear Valley tonight.

Big Bear Taxi will be operating nine 15-passenger vans, and tells KBHR that they will respond to all calls in an effort to get everyone home safely.

The National Headache Foundation says that increased alcohol consumption can cause the onset of a hangover headache.

If you do plan to drink tonight, mixed drinks containing fruit or vegetable juices will have less potential hangover effects than straight alcohol, while the natural chemicals in red wine tend to trigger headaches more than other drinks.

The NHF suggests some honey or fruit before or after drinking, as the fructose in both, and the vitamin B6 in honey, can reduce hangover symptoms.

Other suggestions to make your first day of 2008 a little brighter include plenty of fluids, such as sports drinks or water, caffeine and ibuprofen.


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