U tube speed dating

Sheldon left a few headings only as notes to himself with no content following, and undoubtedly he left other topics unmentioned.If you can help fill out the article, please feel free to write in.Also see Frank Berto's article "Sunset for Sun Tour" -- highly recommended.

Luckily, Miranda — comedian Colleen Evans IRL — is pretty much down for anything, especially a demoralizing speed dating prank!

Related: Miranda Sings Is Getting Her Very Own Netflix Series! Prank set the semi-pro singer up on a series of blind dates on Wednesday, but didn't tell her suitors they were being filmed.

Naturally, things got awkward real fast as Miranda utilized her weird brand of humor to annoy almost every single one of them…

Some premium content on You Tube -- like movies, TV shows, and live events -- require a faster connection and greater processing power to ensure optimal streaming speeds.

[Sheldon wrote this article largely from memory, based on his long experience in the bicycle retail sector.

His coverage is uneven, as he did not go so far as to research topics of which he had little personal knowledge.I leave the article largely as he wrote it, though I have run a spell check and made a few additions.except, of course, for the one lucky/unlucky soul who didn't quite understand what "Bae" meant at the end!We sure hope Colleen's husband Josh Evans isn't the jealous type!Ch-ch-check out Miranda Sings' speed dating prank (above)!!!If you have an older browser or operating system, you will need the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player.

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