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Fortunately for those who are worried, it looks like BIOS updates will soon be available to completely fix the problem.

It would be easier to do option #3 and just throw the BIOS file on a thumb drive, boot into the BIOS and update that way. DON'T FLASH IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!

All of the new mobos I have looked at have that feature. very discouraging to see that they dont recommend using their own utilities!

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At the time of writing, these BIOS updates are in beta and can be found for the two currently supported motherboards, HERE.

Obviously, if you don’t know what you’re doing, then you are better off not touching this.

A final update will be put on the MSI website shortly we have been informed.

Kit Guru Says: This Intel Skylake bug has caused quite a stir this week though unless you are running applications designed to stress the CPU, like Prime95, you were unlikely to come across it at all.

It may be okay for updating your drivers, but please do not use it to flash the BIOS in Windows!

It is also not recommended to flash BIOS direct from a floppy disk, as a bad floppy can cause a bad flash which will kill your board!Windows-based flashing - If you REALLY insist on flashing the BIOS under Windows, if you encounter any error during flashing, whatever you do, DON'T restart your PC!Earlier this week, news came to light that there is a bug with Intel’s Skylake processors, causing the CPU to freeze during hard-working/complex scenarios while running certain applications like Prime95.This isn’t something that day-to-day users or even gamers should expect to face but still, it is an issue that needs fixing.Fortunately, if you happen to be using an MSI motherboard, the company has had its engineers cook up a new BIOS update that fixes this problem on Z170 motherboards.Right now, the BIOS update is available for the MSI Z170A Gaming M7 and the XPOWER Gaming Titanium motherboards but the rest of MSI’s line-up will follow suit soon.


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