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Enrages: Tibbers gains 275% Attack Speed and 100% Movement Speed, decaying over 3 seconds.

Acquiring Espers Belias Mateus Adrammelech Zalera Shemhazai Cuchulainn Exodus Hashmal Zeromus Famfrit Chaos Ultima Zodiark Esper Battle Strategies About Espers Introduction Obtaining and Summoning Espers General Esper features Belias Mateus Adrammelech Zalera Shemhazai Cuchulainn Exodus Hashmal Zeromus Famfrit Chaos Ultima Zodiark Outroduction Using Espers Pure deathblow Battle starting Mass-damage prevention MP Syphoning Status immunity Elemental affinities Instant kill Lucky distraction Solo battling Tactics by Esper Tactics by enemy Miscellaneous Frequently-asked Questions Calculations Allocating Espers Various Trivia ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many players think Espers are entirely worthless in this game, which is not true.

On the other hand, it is foolish to think that Espers are all-powerful.

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However, a character can learn as many Espers as he wants.

You can even dump all thirteen Espers on the same guy, though that wouldn't be wise.

There are three tiers of Espers: Lvl 1 Espers require only 1 Mist Cartridge: Belias, Mateus, Adrammelech and Zalera.

Summons Tibbers, dealing 150/275/400 (+0.65*AP) magic damage to enemies in the target area.

For the next 45 seconds, Tibbers burns nearby enemies for 10/15/20 (+0.1*AP) per second and attacks for 50/75/100 (+ f1 ) as magic damage.

Annie can control Tibbers by reactivating this ability.Tibbers Enrages when: summoned; Annie uses Pyromania on an enemy Champion; and when Annie dies.01) Belias, Aries, Esper of fire 02) Mateus, Pisces, Esper of ice 03) Adrammelech, Capricorn, Esper of thunder 04) Zalera, Gemini, Esper of death 05) Shemhazai, Sagittarius, Esper of soul 06) Cuchulainn, Scorpio, Esper of poison 07) Exodus, Libra, Esper of non-element 08) Hashmal, Leo, Esper of earth 09) Zeromus, Cancer, Esper of gravity 10) Famfrit, Aquarius, Esper of water 11) Chaos, Taurus, Esper of wind 12) Ultima, Virgo, Esper of holy 13) Zodiark, Ophiuchus, Esper of dark Five of them are automatically obtained in the storyline: Belias, Mateus, Shemhazai, Hashmal and Famfrit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Obtaining and summoning Espers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To summon an Esper, you must obtain him/her on the License Board.Espers only show up on the Board after you defeat them; Esper battles are some of the most challenging fights in the game.Once a character obtains the license for an Esper, that same Esper cannot be learned by other characters.Meaning that an Esper can only be summoned by one character and one character only.


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